Effective Church Websites

In this series we will cover how to create effective church websites. There are five areas you will want to consider when creating your website. Layout of the website, design of the website, content for your website and creating and hosting for your website. Getting these areas correct will lead to a successful web experience for you and your church.

Effective Church Websites
This article servers as an introduction to areas that need to be addressed for effective church websites. Below we will introduce each area and provide an article that provides the details for the area. However there are many additional articles on church websites that are not in this series, below are a few that may be of interest to you.

Church Website Content

Church Website Hosting Packages

Church Website Management

Church Website Development

Church Website Layout
Getting the layout right is key for an effective website of any kind and certainly applies to church websites as well. Fortunately church website layout is not difficult and in many cases less is more. This section will help you determine the colors to use and the general component layout of your pages. Spending a few minutes learning about layouts you can save yourself a lot of work, do not skip this one.

Church Websites Design
Once the general layout is complete you will need to focus on design. Design is about how the pages will interact and the details of what will be in each section of the layout you created above. Additionally what will the size of various pieces of the layout be? All that and more is found in the church websites design article.

Church Website Creation
By now you should have a good idea of your layout and a design complete so it is time to start creating the website. There are a few decisions you will need to make on the hosting your website and the tools you will use. In addition content will be important so we will share some details on getting the content right. See church website creation.

Nice Church Website
We have spent a bunch of energy on layout, design and creation, but what makes for a nice church website? Lets take a look at some top websites and see how what we learned applies and what ideas we can gather from other nice websites.

Effective Church Website
The sections above covered the major topics for an effective website, but there are additional areas you may want to consider. Minor but yet still important. See effective church website to learn about graphics to use on your website, use of Flash, designing for usability and most importantly keeping it simple.

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